Unscrupulous Siblings

Tai Hong Hung Pte Ltd

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tai Hong Hung (Pte) Ltd .  A Truth Biography of an  Unscrupulous Watch Retailer In Singapore. 

An Untold Biography

Tai Hong Hung Pte Ltd, located at No; 1 Park Road, People Park Complex and Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road sells mainly Rolex watches. It is one of the most oldest and most unscrupulously  watch establishment that have lasted over 50 years in Singapore. But few Singaporean and tourists are aware of the black history attached to it's founder Mr Lee Seng Inn and the second generation Lee family that presently runs the establishment. Before you even indulge into buying a Rolex watch or other branded watch from Tai Hong Hung Pte Ltd, its would be wise and knowledgeable to know the "Untold Truth" about it's founder and its present shareholders. Blog like http://taihonghungchronicle.blogspot.com/ have been around since 2005 is to remind Singaporean and tourist alike for what the  company and the founder has done.,   Tai Hong Hung (Pte) Ltd, is one of several sole agents for brands like Rolex ,Omega Seiko watches in Singapore . Mr Lee was never a philanthropist in his lifetime but a noticeable scrooge to all who know him. My father was a known womanizer, having lived a philandered lifestyle even after marrying his second wife, Mdm Han Soon Boey . ( my step mother) . Beside running a legitimate "front" watch retailing business ( Tai Hong Hung Pte Ltd ), he operates countless illegal business, like smuggling, prostitution , horse betting and gambling den in several parts of Singapore. As a young boy, I am used to the norms as to how he would transformed  the secluded Bukit Tunggal , Chancery Land into a illegal horse racing betting centre every Saturday and Sunday of the week. He seems to have an immerse deep friendship with the then police force and is competently capable of "bribing"himself out of every situations whenever trouble occurred. His leisure was his bachelor pad/hideout,  at 27 Balmoral Park. A quiet apartment on the slope of Balmoral Hill where he would conduct his frequent "Fix" of gambling and wild sex with countless prostitute after work.
My father  avoid taxation year after year in the eighties by paying high director fee.
Indirectly, TAI HONG HUNG PTE LTD  gets its initial seed money to operate as a legitimate watch and clock retailed company from every  unscrupulous means possible.

My elder brother, Wee Tong was a good for nothing brat. The saddest things I could remember of him was when he tried to rape my sister Hwee Min at our Jalan Seaview home. My grandmother save the day when she heard my sister yelled aloud. Wee Tong still works at the People Park Branch till today.
My step sister Hwee Lee, (an orphan at birth) till this day still refused to even  acknowledge nor seek her own biological parents . Shame on you !! Hwee Lee.  .  May You Greedy Scumbag Burn In Hell Soon !!
These sibling/ shareholders of Tai Hong Hung  are a bunch of unscrupulous greedy lots. Not only are they following the evil footstep of their father , they out rightly are a gang of  Liers and Thief.  
They cheated my 20,000 Tai Hong Hung company shares. Dumped me with only S$140k. When the truth value exceed S$2 million dollars.

Greed lies within this family. Tai Hong Hung is truly a Unscrupulous watch and clock retailer.

So Don't ever buy a Rolex or any watches from Tai Hong Hung Pte Ltd.


  1. These company surely SUCK !!! Greedy evil Unscrupulous Lee Family. Hope all of these greedy members and their children die a horrible death.

  2. Patrick, you are one sad ungrateful brat. You are not only a disappointment to the society but your family as well. It's a shame to have you as Mr Lee Seng Inn's son. It doesn't matter if your dad had his own vices, think about the past he did for the family, to educate you n your siblings. And this is the way you repay his love. I'm sure you are way old & mature enough to understand my message. If you said that they are greedy... how about yourself? Whining they cheated your 20,000 shares which amount to $1.86mil shortage. Aren't you slapping yourself or shooting yourself in your own foot? How stupid can you be? By the way, you are also cursing your own family with the abovementioned comment. Your IQ is way too low for my imagination. Get a life! Or stay a moron forever. U are just one menance to our society.

    1. Please just pass critisism as an observer. Your remarks are very perosnal and vicious. you are the scum here...

  3. im never buying any watches from these guys after hearing all this. i hate to support people who have made thei money by ill means

  4. This can be a scam too..may be to tarnish so called PatricLee

  5. It doesn't matter if your dad had his own vices, think about the past he did for the family, to educate you n your siblings. Sell Rolex Watch

  6. An ungrateful SOB smearing his dad's reputation. Hope your step bro & sis sue you till you lose whatever you got from your dad.

  7. You know how many tourists would love to tell their friends they bought a watch from an authentic singaporean gangster? I know I would.

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  9. Not buying from any gangsters... better buy from hourglass...seems more legit